Conditions Eligible for Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis in USA is only available to people who are legal residents and have been diagnosed with one of the approved diseases.

Essential Prerequisites

  1. Insights into Alzheimer’s
  2. Sclerosis amyotrophic lateral (ALS)
  3. Disorders on the Autism Spectrum (must meet DSM-5)
  4. Cancer*
  5. A condition characterized by involuntary, repetitive movements or sounds, lasting for an extended period of time
  6. Continuous suffering
  7. Glaucoma
  9. Bowel inflammation, such as Crohn’s illness
  10. Unrelenting agony
  11. Sleep apnea with obstruction
  12. Distress after a stressful event is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  13. Paroxysmal Rhythmic Movements of the Brain, Including Epileptic Seizures
  14. Muscle spasms, especially of the severe and chronic kind such as those seen in multiple sclerosis (MS)
  15. SCD – sickle cell disease
  16. Illness that eventually kills you, usually within a year’s time*
  17. Having Tourette’s

*If you have severe or persistent pain; nausea and vomiting; or extreme weight loss due to your condition or its treatment.